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Sunday Bakery – Finger Lickin’ Good Cake

Cammy Finger Lickin’ Good Cake (Barbara Mandrell’s “Pig-Lickin’ Cake” When the real feel temps are ranging between 0 and negative 25 and you have around 18 inches of snow dumped on you, you really start craving just a taste of the tropics.  This cake was just the ticket… Cammy

Saturday Bites – Braised

This week Zane had us all braising Zane Braised pork belly Roughly a 6-7 hour process, but much shorter if using an instapot 😆  Georgia Braised Beef Short Ribs Braised meat anytime! Well not really, because it’s a several hour, possibly all day long event. But oh so worth it. I mean. Just check outContinue reading “Saturday Bites – Braised”


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