Saturday Bites – 4th of July 1779 style

This week Zane has everyone celebrating America’s Independence Day – 1776 Style

Or Colonial Era dishes


Zane In GA

Split Peas and salt pork with 100% from scratch Potato Bread, straight out of the 18th century 

Recipe came from a book written in 1821 that divulged how bakers would stretch their wheat supplies during bad crop seasons or if they just didn’t have the supply to meet demands. The stew is a typical colonial/revolutionary era meal with the soldier’s ration of 1 lb. of meat (salted or fresh, of salt was in low supply)



gigi in GA

I have not made a pot roast in YEARS.. And I don’t really have a good reason why. But this week Zane threw down the challenge and it just screams for a good ole fashion pot roast.

I confess I did not have the time to put this in my dutch oven and roast it for several hours in the oven. So I pulled out my instant pot (a little old with the new). Sautéed the meat for a few minutes, Used the roast function for about a half hour and finished it with the pressure cooker for another half hour. The meat was so juicy and perfect.




Am I the only one who really enjoys exploring historical foods?

Until next week,

Zane, Nikita, Georgia, Cammy, Mandy and Jen

FYI, you’ll notice we always leave a spot open for everyone.

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