Saturday Bite – Fruit Pies


Fresh Strawberry Pie

It’s July (my birthday month) and the heart of the summer in my opinion, so it deserves some beautiful fresh summer fruit pies!! Strawberries were on sale this week and I found this gorgeous recipe above. The bright red strawberries are covered in a strawberry gelatin glaze all sitting in a butter pie crust. I should have added some whipped cream for aesthetics but the pie was delicious all on its own.


gigi in GA

I made apple hand pies. No special recipe. Just pie crust and apple pie filling. We had some apples on hand, so I peeled them threw them in a pot with some a little brown sugar and cinnamon. Cut the pie crust into circles, filled them, pinched the sides. a little brush of some milk on top. Cut a few slits. And baked them in a 350 oven until the were toasty brown. My only regret? No vanilla ice cream.


Cammy in NY

Creamy Key Lime Pie

Each week Georgia sends out the email with our challenge. Lately,  my reading comprehension has been sorely deficit related to same. For this week, my eyes completely ignored the word “fruit” before “pie.”  I had lofty plans for this caramel coconut pecan concoction that was probably going to negatively contribute to our health far more than any fruit pie.  Alas, it wasn’t to be. I was prepared to sit out this week. Then some sort of magic or divine intervention happened in the form an email with this recipe for Creamy Keylime Pie for which I happened to have most of the ingredients for.  The pie is good. Very good, even if it is rather naked without any garnishes.  Of course, I’ve never met anything keylime that I didn’t like.


Fresh Fig Pie

One of my friends gave us a bunch of figs from her tree – why not make a pie, right?  I had enough to make half the pie with fig, and I used canned cherry pie filling for the other half.  Result?  My husband loved it.  I thought it tasted like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Meh.   The cherry side was good at least. 😊

The perfect time for fruit.

Until next time,

Nikita, Georgia, Cammy, Jen, Zane and Mandy

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