Sunday Bakery


Cammy in NY

Raspberry – Rhubarb Crumble – Stargazer Cast Iron

Last week I baked that delicious rhubarb cake.  It Had a nice “crumble” on the top which I found to be quite different, yet not unwelcome, for a cake.  It worked!  This week, I still had rhubarb in the fridge so along came a crumble of a different sort.  I absolutely love the opportunity to bake anything in my cast iron skillets and this Rhubarb Raspberry Crumble presented itself quite nicely.  I also had some blackberries on hand that needed to be used up so those went in as well.  I even remembered to buy some vanilla ice cream to top it off with!  On the first bite, I found myself thinking that I should have used a smidge more sugar.  Subsequent bites proved my first thought to be completely inaccurate.  Rhubarb, berries, cinnamon, ice cream   — yup they all go together like rama lama lama ka dinga ka dinga dong crumble … 


gigi in GA

Lighthouse Inn Potatoes

Are you looking for the most amazing potato recipe? Look no further. The other night I knew I wanted to make potatoes and had an idea of what I wanted to make.. Until.. This beaut popped up in my life. These were so good. So good. It’s been added to my Thanksgiving menu.

Until next week,

Cammy & Georgia

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