Saturday Bites – Beans & Rice


gigi in GA

Louisiana Style Red Beans & Rice

My mother was from the south so it was not unusual for our family to have a hearty pot of beans for dinner. So when the hubs and I spent the 4th of July weekend in New Orleans, and I had the BEST bowl of red beans and rice. I was so inspired for this challenge.

This is my attempt at replicating it. Was it AS good? No. But the andouille really makes all the difference. Oh and it was a great excuse to use my favorite dutch oven and we had the best leftovers all week long.


Cammy in NY

One-Pot Red Beans and Rice |

I’m not much of a rice fan so this week’s challenge was not altogether thrilling for me. I do like beans though.  So it wasn’t an altogether horrible challenge either.  I ended up finding a recipe that included some sausage and onions and peppers and celery ….   It all worked out well and this red beans and rice recipe may actually make another appearance in our house at some point in the future.  Next time, however, I will remember to add a little more cajun seasoning than I think is enough.  🙂    That this was all made in one pot was certainly a bonus!  


Spanish rice & beans

I love Mexican food.  Especially beans and rice!  This week I tried a recipe for “Spanish Rice and Beans”.  I had to make an adjustment while cooking because there wasn’t enough liquid to soften the rice, but it turned out great otherwise.  And when it says “salt, to taste”, that doesn’t mean a little bit.  I added salt 3 times before it was finally right! 😊  Generally easy though, and family approved!


Mandy in MI

Popeyes red beans & rice

Happy Saturday All!  I apologize for my absence.  My Father passed away from cancer in May. It’s been hard.  I finally feel a little like myself again.  I have missed participating in this wonderful group.

Anyway, back to cooking.   I love the red beans and rice from Popeyes.  I pinned this recipe a while ago and when I saw this weeks theme I couldn’t wait to try it.  The recipe calls for liquid smoke, which I’m not all that familiar with.  I’ve learned a little goes a long way.  So the next time I make this I will start with less then the recipe calls for and add little at a time.  I love how fast it all comes together.  It really was delicious and I practically ate the whole pot myself.  

Have a great week.


So glad Mandy is back!

Red beans and rice may be a Monday dish in New Orleans, but a pot of bean and rice is an everyday, filling dish for the rest of us.

For more info on the history of how red beans & rice us a Monday thing in New Orleans click HERE

Until next week where I will be spending some pretty awesome time with 3 of our Saturday Bites peeps.

Georgia, Cammy, Jen, Mandy, Nikita and Zane

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