Saturday Bites – Onions


Cammy in NY

French Onion Pasta Bake | Cooking Professionally 

Onions. In my youth, I absolutely detested onions.  Never did I ever think that, one day, I would grow to love them.  One of my favorite ways to have onions is in French Onion Soup. I was delighted when my mom sent me this recipe for French Onion Pasta Bake.  This dish is delightful!  There is a lot of standing over the stove with this one, (maybe not to most folks, but it was for me) but worth every minute of it!  Initially it feels like two whole onions is going to be way too many onions.  It isn’t! This recipe calls for heavy cream but I’m pretty sure it would be just as good with a lower fat option.  Just about any cheese would also work.   


gigi in GA

Not gonna lie. I have been BUSY this week. The hubs and I hosted a family reunion this weekend and folks started coming in on Tuesday. And making food just for funsies was not on my list of things to do. But.. We had breakfast at one of my favorite little restaurants in Helen and I ordered a bacon onion skillet. So that counts? Right?

Until next week,

Cammy, Georgia, Nikita, Zane, Jen and Mandy

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