Saturday Bites – Celebrations


Cammy in NY

We were so very blessed to have, not only been invited to a family reunion this past week, but also were invited to stay in the home of a most gracious and blessed host and hostess for the entire time we were in town.  It felt like the entire visit was a celebration of love and family.  Part of our visit was “doing the tourist thing” in Dahlonega which included a visit to the Crown and Bear where I was delighted to find some legit custard from the United Kingdom.  Today a box of Ghirardelli Dark Brownie mix came out of the cabinet. Yup, a mix. Yup, still delicious!  Dark chocolate brownies were the perfect confection to pour some British custard over.  I think I will have another serving while I  reminisce over the past week as well as the 6 years I was stationed in England. 


Mike in NY
gigi in GA (actually it was some random guy walking by)

Last weekend the hubs and I hosted a family reunion. Did it take a little planning? Yes! Were we wiped out afterwards? Also yes!

It was worth every single smile. Every laugh. And every single hug.

I actually made quite a bit of food. But.. neglected to take any photos. You’ll just have to trust me that I did and it was all delish.

I personally think we need to do this more often.

Fun fact. The above photo you will find 4 Saturday Biters! Me, Nikita, Cammy and Zane


Last week was filled with the celebration of family! We flew back home to Georgia and began our road trip visiting family at each stop. In Valdosta, we visited with great grandparents. I’m always reminded of how peaceful sitting on the back porch in a rocker can be. It’s listed as the #1 thing to do on TripAdvisor for Ray City…population 6. Just beware of giant flying bugs and humidity. LOL!

Our trip took us up through Georgia on the 441 and all I could really think of was Corey Smith’s song “Dahlonega” and peaches. It’s peach season right now, so I had my eyes scouting for roadside farmer’s markets or fruit stands. On the way, we did happen to find Cajun Boiled Peanuts. Oddly enough, Christopher was able to enjoy this southern staple without an impending allergy attack. And he LOVED them! Proof below.

We continued the drive to Franklin, NC where we enjoyed the company of some cousins and their wiener dogs! Eating good food, exploring undeveloped lands, and snuggling with wiener dogs were amongst my favorite memories.

The next morning, we moseyed down to Georgia again to visit my mom and family. A day spent in Helen and some butt-kicking mini golf secured us fun memories of just hanging out. Consider the cycle of work->home->work->home broken!

By the end of the week, we had driven about 11 hours visiting the ones we love, but I knew there was more to come! Enjoying dinner at Aunt Georgia’s (gigi) house – and yes, she cooked so much food!!!!! Not to mention the limitless supply of Rice Krispie treats that somehow made our way back to Arizona in Christopher’s bag. Then finally it was Family Reunion Day!!

A beautiful day at Vogel State Park! Goofy faces, chatting & catching up, nieces & nephews, burgers & hotdogs all made for the perfect day. And all of it was possible because of GIGIMING!

This woman is incredible! In my world, she is a mother, sister, friend, confidant, mentor, and just an ideal example of how a beautiful matriarch brings together her family and showers them with love. I love you Aunt Georgia! *hugs & kisses*

Sorry no food pics this time. Next week, I got you!

God is so good!

Until next week

Cammy, Georgia, Nikita, Zane, Jen and Mandy

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