Saturday Bites – Wings


Jen in AZ

Air Fryer Chicken Wings

I chose wings this week because I knew my husband would cook for me!!  He’s been talking about wanting to try making wings at home since it’s cheaper than buying them at a restaurant.   He followed a recipe for making wings in the air fryer, and used a parmesan garlic sauce on half, and a sweet chili sauce on the other half.  I enjoyed them.  I REALLY enjoyed not having to cook!  😂


Homemade Ranch Dressing

Alright everybody! I threw down on this challenge because wings are something you can make at home and really get a restaurant-quality experience. By now, you’ve read that the air fryer is the way to go here. I found frozen party wings at my local grocery store and tossed them into my Instant Pot Duo Crisp air fryer at 400F for 25-30 minutes. Because my fryer is small and you really want to leave space between each wing to get the most air circulation, I had to cook in batches. The wings went into my preheated 300F oven while a new batch “fried.” We used SweetBaby Ray’s Buffalo sauce but I also bought Melinda’s Ghost Pepper Sauce for fun. Christopher and his Uncle Kevin said, “do NOT put that on my wings!” Matt surprisingly drizzled a hefty amount and only sweated a tiny bit while throwing back some wings. Not bad for 1 million scovilles!!!! The hottest sauce in the world has been recorded at 3 million scovilles.

The real winner here was my homemade ranch dressing. Yep! I learned how to do this while in Sofia, Bulgaria and was craving a piece of home. They just don’t have ranch dressing where I was looking. So, that is what I am sharing with you today. I am a Blue Cheese kinda girl, but the veggies always go in ranch. Enjoy!



gigi in GA

So fun fact. I’ve never made wings before. Mostly because I’m not a wings kinda gal. But Nikita gave some great advice about using the air fryer. The hubs said they were perfect. Everyone’s wings look pretty yummy.

Super easy recipe for the air fryer. Wings, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Place evenly in the air fryer at 400 for 15 minutes. Turn and cook for another 15 minutes


Cammy in NY

(1138) How to Make Fried Crown Peach Whiskey Chicken Wings – YouTube

I’m not a chicken person, though I am warming up to it a bit more these days.  Hot wings became a thing for me when I was pregnant with my youngest child … clear back in 1993.  I’d never even heard of hot wings before then.  I do enjoy them, but I stopped making them years ago just because it is such a pain to fry them, then bake them and all the steps in between.  We won’t even talk about how the oil isn’t good for us!  I was sort of groaning about the fact that this week’s challenge was wings, but my mom said, “Oh, let me send you this link this lady sent to me.  You can try these.”   Oh thank you mumsy and thank God for the timing.  I guess wings were just meant to be after all.  These Crown Royal Peach chicken wings are absolutely phenomenal.  I will definitely make them again.  I’m really disappointed that I only made 12 of them to begin with.  I figured 12 wings would be plenty for just the two of us.  I should have made more.  6 might have been ok for him, but I’m pretty sure I could have eaten another 12 of these all on my own!  I may just have to make some for myself for lunch tomorrow!  #WFHWIN for certain.  (Thanks, Georgia, for telling me what “WFH” means!  At least I think it was you who told me???  If not, thanks to whomever….)   Anyway, these are amazing and I strongly encourage everyone to try them!  I didn’t overload the red pepper flakes as I’m really the only one here who likes things super spicy.  I might add a smidge more the next time around though!  I also had to use a different peach whiskey as, believe it or not, Crown Royal Peach, I’m told, is a seasonal thing that the company doesn’t even make very much of to begin with.  (Note to self, keep an eye out and buy some when it comes out again!)   I want to extend a super huge thanks to Nikita for telling me that air fryer wings are fantastic and how long to fry them for (25 minutes)!  Nikita and Air Fryer FTW!  I served these wings with some balsamic roasted carrots.  It was a wonderful compliment to the wings. 

BTW,  this is truly only a video and no written recipe per se.  It was easy enough to follow along though!  I have no idea what size jar of peach marmalade she used but I ended up using an entire 18 ounce jar of peach preserves (that happened to have pieces of peach in them, go figure!)  I put half of the glaze back into the jar for another batch of these.  Also, she doesn’t really say in the video, let the glaze cool.  I was worried it was going to be too runny.  I spooned it over the wings and then placed them in the oven for the last 10 minutes that the carrots cooked.  By the time they were done, the glaze left in the bowl had gelled up nicely.  

Until next week

Jen, Cammy, Georgia, Nikita, Zane and Mandy

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