Saturday Bites – Chicken Sandwich


Zane in GA

Freshly batter fried chicken w/ Japanese mayo, arugula and cheese 😆 

On a sweet Hawaiin Bun ^_^


gigi in GA

Air fryer chicken strips doused in our homemade Chick fil a sauce. Yes please

In my humble opinion Popeye’s has the best chicken sandwich. But dang. Check out all these amazing chicken sandwiches.


Cammy in NY

Chicken,  2 times in nearly as many weeks.   This may become a thing.  I didn’t use a recipe this week.  I pounded chicken tenders flat and even then marinated them in Lowry’s Honey Bourbon marinade for a couple of hours.  Then I sent them out to the grill.  Yup, I sent them right out there!  When they returned, they were placed on everything buns with a little mayo and topped with fresh tomatoes from the garden and some avocado.  Yummy!  A chicken sandwich I can enjoy!




99 in AZ
99 in AZ

Nikita taking the air fryer to the next level

Saturday Bites very own chicken sandwich showdown.. To me we’re all winners

Until next week

Zane, Georgia, Cammy, Mandy, Jen and Nikita

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