Saturday Bites – Yellow Squash

This week Cammy challenged everyone to make a dish using yellow squash


gigi in GA

There are so many different ways to prepare squash. But weekdays and nights are usually pretty busy for me and sheet pan cooking is a quick and easy (and don’t forget healthy and delicious) way to make a week night meal.

One thing that I started doing with my parm crusted chicken is instead of using egg as the base coating I use sour cream. Just coat your chicken in sour cream before rolling in your breadcrumbs. It never fails. Use whatever herbs and spices you like (I usually use salt, pepper & thyme for recipes like this)


99 in AZ
99 in AZ

Air-Fried Summer Squash

MMMmmmMMMmmmm……Squash, ya’ll. You know I’ve been experimenting with my Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer lately. When squash was announced as this week’s secret ingredient, I could have relied on the old faithful Squash Patties or Skillet Squash & Onions. We use squash often in our house – easy & cheap veggie side. But I wanted to stretch myself, so here is Air-Fried Summer Squash. They are crispy and flavorful much like a Fried Pickle. We ate these with ketchup, but a yummy dill ranch would have been a level up. The only change I will make next time is to reduce the salt just a little. Enjoy!

This week Cammy chose yellow squash as the food challenge because she had an over abundance from her garden. Then life happened and she has been crazy busy all week. One of the most important part of what we do is making sure every person knows that this is for fun. We all have busy lives and sometimes participating is not on our list of things to do this week. We’ve all been there. But I LOVE it when we can. If you are interested in joining our weekly challenge, head over to our “Join Us” page for more information and a sign up to join us if you like.

Until next week where Mandy has thrown down our challenge (yes, you have to come back to see what it is)

Cammy, Georgia, Nikita, Mandy, Jen and Zane

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