Saturday Bites – Unique Pizza

This week Jen has challenged everyone to make pizza. But not your everyday pedestrian pizza. She wants it to be unique and original


Jen in AZ

Bacon Breakfast Pizza

I had some pizza dough I needed to use, but my younger daughter is not usually a fan of pizza.  I tried something different that was a big hit!  Breakfast pizza!!  The recipe called for bacon bits, but I chopped up some freshly cooked bacon.

This recipe is a keeper. 😊


Unique pizza…

The foundation for our pizzas is naan (the unique part). I chopped up and cooked up different toppings so everyone could make their own unique pizza.

Mine included sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, sausage, pepperoni and of course mozzarella cheese. Oh and grilled onions. The hubs went with meat, onions, black olives and cheese and I think Anna went with pepperoni, black olives and cheese

Homemade pizza is always a win


Mandy in MI

Nacho Pizza

This week we made Nacho Pizza.  If you can’t decide if you want pizza or nachos make this pizza.  We used hamburger instead of beans.  We also put mozzarella and pepperoni under the nachos for the full “experience.” It was pretty good. Different. Any kind of pizza is always delicious.

Have a great week!


 Nacho pizza AND breakfast pizza? Wha?

Unique pizza week for the WIN!

Until next week,

Jen, Georgia, Mandy, Nikita, Cammy and Zane

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