Saturday Bites – Recipe from Movie or TV

This week Zane challenged everyone to make a dish from a movie or television show


Pasta Alia Ollio from Chef, 😉 

Also, surprise attack 


99 in AZ Photo credit goes to Christopher

Beef Ragout

“Beef Ragout, Cheese Soufflé, Pie & Pudding en Flambe…..”

Bonjour! Can you guess which movie this recipe is from? It happens to be amongst my favorite movies of all time. I know most of the lines and all of the lyrics to the songs. This week, I happened to come down with Strep Throat, so this hot soup was the ‘belle’ of the ball for my throat. I only wished I was able to enjoy a glass of red wine with it as intended. I’ve been trying to drink more wine lately (you know, to “acquire” the taste or whatever they say.) It’s not working yet. Had I not gotten sick, I was also going to try Cheese Soufflé (and the Gray Stuff! I hear it’s delicious!) Next time!


Ham Salad Pride & Prejudice

This weeks challenge was a REAL challenge for me. I think I’ve seen maybe 5 movies in the last decade (not an exaggeration) and I don’t really watch TV. So I decided to make a dish from one of my favorite books. Pride and Prejudice.

I made this super simple but oh so yummy ham salad and we had ourselves a lovely brunch. Served it up on brioche slider rolls, with a side of pasta salad. Oh. And I found Utz’s chips here in lil ole Dahlonega.


Mandy in MI

Pasta Aglio e Olio

One of my favorite movies about food is Chef. Roy Choi created all the films recipes. Jon Favreau (Casper) makes Scarlett Johansson (Molly) Pasta Aglio e Olio.  The ingredients for this dish are simple and probably in your kitchen right now.  So delicious!  I know it’s no Cuban sandwich, but it’s a great recipe to have on hand when you don’t feel like cooking.

Happy Saturday!


So the other day I’m chatting with Zane after he sent over the photo of his dish. He starts telling me about this movie Chef (Which I’ve never heard of) He was pretty animated about it and thought I should watch it. And then Mandy sends over the photo of her dish and… It’s the very same recipe from the very same movie. I’m thinking I need to watch the movie AND make the Pasta Aglio e Olio (pasta with garlic and oil).

Fun fact. When the hubs was stationed in Italy, pasta aglio e olio was (and still is) his favorite pasta dish.

Until next week,

Zane, Nikita, Georgia, Mandy, Jen and Cammy

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