Saturday Bites – Apples

What better way to celebrate International Apple month than to have an apple food challenge



Baked apples with brown sugar, nutmeg and butter served with your favorite ice cream. Made with local honey crisp apples


Apple Chai Baked Oatmeal

Apples and peanut butter are my go to snack. But where’s the challenge in that?

For this challenge I was looking for something I’ve never made. And then I found this recipe combining crispy fall apples with the magical flavors of chai.

How well did it turn out? I had two servings this morning.

I substituted the maple syrup for a table spoon of honey. It was not sweet at all. Which I prefer. The lack of sweetness let the apple and chai flavors shine through. Very hearty and perfect for these cooler mornings

There are so many ways to prepare apples, From dessert to breakfast and everything in between.

Until next week,

Zane, Georgia, Cammy, Nikita, Jen and Mandy

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