Saturday Bites – Soup or Stew

This week I chose soup or stew. Because Fall


99 in AZ

“It’s Chilly Enough for Chili” Chili

Funny story – I was so excited for Apple Week. Leading up to Apple Week, I dreamed of all the different recipes I was going to make – pies, breads, cookies, pork & apples, etc. THEN – vacation happened. We spent last week in Los Cabos San Lucas, Mexico and had an extraordinary time eating all the foods and drinking all the drinks and soaking up all the sun! So we come back to real life……and my first thought was “It’s Apple Week!” YEAH! Putting my Instant Pot to work, I made a sweet-tart Apple Butter that could be spread on any home-baked good or even eaten by the spoonful. It. was. heavenly.

BUT – the Saturday Bites email came out this week, and I had a stark realization that I had totally missed Apple Week. And it was SOUP week! *crying* *crying* *crying* So I made Chicken Tortilla Soup AND FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE! Lastly, this Chili came out of the kitchen. It is now my contribution this week, but just for fun — check out my Apple Butter below!


gigi in GA

As the weather starts to cool down soup is always on the menu. I made this soup from pretty much whatever I had on hand. Ground beef, elbow macaroni, carrots, red kidney beans and whatever veggies I could find in the freezer. Salt, pepper, thyme and better than beef bouillon. Very hearty and quite tasty.

Love the extra added bonus of Nikita’s homemade apple butter

Until next week

Nikita, Georgia, Cammy. Jen, Mandy and Zane

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