Saturday Bites – Peppers

This week Jen challenged everyone to make a dish using peppers


Jen in AZ

Nothing fancy, but I did manage cook something for the challenge this week!  I sauteed some orange and yellow peppers along with onions, then served with orange chicken (Sam’s Club) and white rice. 

Blink of an eye Pepper Sauté

As a whole, this past week felt much more sane than the last couple months, thanks to my daughter’s volleyball season ending!!  It’s amazing how draining a sports season can be.  The team was really fun to watch and all the parents are awesome, but I am thankful for a break. 😊  


Balsamic glazed peppers and onions. Good with brats and dogs 😀 


After 10 years in NM I’m was still not a giant fan of green chili’s (Green chili’s by the way is a thing there, a very BIG thing). But. I do like some poblano’s. I was very happy when this tasty little dish popped up in my life. Ground pork tacos with sautéed onions and poblano peppers


99 in AZ

Roasted Vegetables & Chicken

Admittedly, this week I planned and cooked Stuffed Peppers with Cauliflower Rice. They were light but filling (if that makes any sense.) We’ve been eating a rather clean diet lately to help Matt shed body fat and reveal the chiseled body he has been hiding under all those cookies. He’s down several pounds, and I’m actually down a few by association. This is why we replaced the white/brown rice in the peppers with cauliflower rice. Here’s where everything went wrong: we ate on the couch. We almost always eat at the dinner table. It’s the tradition of dinnertime that I enjoy now that I am choosing to stay at home. But – we were all excited to watch a program on TV together, so we decided to eat dinner on the couch. It changed my routine thus I forgot to take a picture. By pure luck, I found myself roasting leftover mini peppers, cauliflower, carrots, broccoli, & radishes with EVVO and garlic power with S&P. 425F for about 20 minutes. This dinner cleaned out my fridge of produce. Soooooo….we’ll see what I can clean out for next week’s challenge.


Mandy in MI

I looked back on some of the recipes I have tried and I realized I haven’t made any appetizer or snack food.  I found this article about roasted peppers.  So I went simple, as they do in this article, and topped them on a baguette.  I did add the capers and loved them.  We snacked on this throughout the week.  Sometimes the simplest things taste the best.

Happy Saturday


No pressure, but Thanksgiving is a little over a week away!

Until next week

Jen, Zane, Nikita, Georgia, Mandy and Cammy

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