Saturday Bites – The Flavors of Christmas

This week Nikita challenged everyone to make something using the flavors of Christmas.


99 in AZ

Homemade Eggnog

Christmas Spice and everything nice! That’s what makes up 65% of my being. *Laughing out loud at myself* Eggnog is a tradition and a favorite in our house. I have to admit that this eggnog looked “browner” than I was anticipating, and it kind of turned me off to it. BUT! I’ve come to realize that it is only browner because I used ground cloves rather than whole cloves. It must have tinted the milk mixture. Otherwise, it tastes better than store-bought eggnog, and I’ll splash it with some spiced rum tonight! Now that the holiday season is kicking into high gear, I’ve got quite the baking bucket list to start on. And most of it includes Christmas Spice!


gigi in GA

Cinnamon Brown Sugar Stamped Cookies

Christmas flavor ish. But seriously flavorful.

I was given this cookie stamp several years ago and have only used it once before. For some reason when I saw this weeks challenge it was the first thing I thought of.

Until next week,

Nikita, Georgia, Cammy, Jen, Mandy and Zane

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