Saturday Bites – Thursday Night Dinner


99 in AZ

Fried Green Tomatoes with Remoulade

Thursday Night happened to be Christopher’s opening soccer game for the season, and I stewed over what I was going to share on Saturday Bites. Matthew was traveling for work, so I was not going to cook a dinner just for me when I did not have plans to be home that evening. But as luck would have it, I spontaneously invited my dog-walking girlfriend over to my house for lunch and drinks Thursday afternoon.

She’s from Mississippi, and I knew she would appreciate a Fried Green Tomato. Our local grocery store happened to have green tomatoes this past week. Mind you, I’ve been looking for them all year long. I know I could grow tomatoes and pluck them when they’re green, but have you met me? I kill everything I try to grow. She was so excited when I told her our lunch plans – Fried Green Tomatoes with a Remoulade and Cornbread Salad with a Tangy Buttermilk Dressing. We enjoyed our food with Cranberry Moscow Mules. A little day drinking never hurt no one, right? If you’ve never had Fried Green Tomatoes, they’re firm and bitter. When fried, they soften up but keep their shape. The crunch of the batter pair well with the soft tomato inside. The tangy, spicy remoulade really makes this tomatoes shine. You MUST make the remoulade. It has cajun spices with mayo, pickle juice, paprika, horseradish, mustard, and more. I didn’t have to buy anything special for this – all pantry staples. SHE LOVED IT! Said it had been years since she had a good Fried Green Tomato. We destroyed the entire plate!

A quick side note- I fried these in my cast iron skillet which I have been using more and more. It now has the glassiest seasoning on the pan and is completely non-stick. I made fried eggs this morning in it – no stick. I’m in love!


gigi in GA

Thursday night dinner was a little special this week because my little work buddy joined us.

What was on the menu? Mozzarella crusted chicken, roasted carrots and Israeli couscous. What’s the difference between couscous and Israeli couscous you ask? Well. The size. Israeli couscous is much larger. The flavors the same, just more. if that makes sense. Anywho. The chicken was the real winner. That and the company.

Until next week

Nikita, Georgia, Cammy, Jen, Mandy and Zane

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