Saturday Bites – Freezer Meals

This week Mandy challenged everyone to make a recipe that is either from the freezer or can be frozen for another meal.


Mandy in MI

Happy New Year!  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  I am excited to get back in the kitchen.  My goal for this year is “Cook it once, eat it twice.”  I forgot where I read that but it inspired me to fill our freezer with meals that we eat on a regular basis.  I also found some new freezer friendly meals we’d like to try throughout the year.  

Chicken Alfredo was the first recipe we tried.  I bought enough ingredients to make the recipe twice.  Put the first batch in the crock pot and set it to cook.  The other batch was put in a freezer bag and froze for another day.  Easy enough.  The Chicken Alfredo turned out delicious.  We also had leftovers for lunch, which was another bonus. 

Happy Saturday!



Not sure if this counts, given there’s never enough to freeze, but I make a mean from scratch sausage gravy. I hear you can freeze it, but it never makes it from the stove to the freezer. Seen depicted here on toast with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms 😀 


gigi in GA

Turkish Braised Beans w/ Potatoes and Carrots

So I found this recipe in my latest edition of Milkstreet (a gift courtesy of my sister)

It looked so yummy and a perfect meal to freeze for later AND great for a cold winter day. So I made it for lunch one day with the intent to freeze it for another lunch day.

The problem. It was remarkably flavorless. So I threw in some bacon and chicken broth to give it some flavor and that worked(ish). On a positive side. It was very hearty. And without the bacon and broth you can make a vegan soup for a cold day.

Although this recipe calls for it to be made in the instantpot, I used my dutch oven and braised it slowly on the stove.


Cammy in NY

You win some and you lose some.  This sausage and tortellini soup was amazing when I made it.  I made so much of it that I ended up freezing two large containers of it.  This week’s freezer challenge was perfect … or so I thought.  

Reheating this soup was truly an epic fail, which was quite a shame and a disappointment.  It was brutally cold the night I heated it up for dinner and had been all day.  I was looking forward to an easy and quick dinner that promised to also be delicious.  Afterall, it was originally delicious!   Alas, it wasn’t to be.  Who knew that tortellini, cooked, then frozen and reheated, turned to odious mush?  

Until next week where Jen has challenged everyone to make a recipe using panko

Mandy, Zane, Jen, Georgia, Cammy & Nikita

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