Saturday Bites – Panko

This week Jen challenged everyone to make a dish using breadcrumbs or panko


Jen in AZ

Triple Berry Panko Crumble

The only thing I’m familiar with Panko or breadcrumbs being used for is coating chicken.   Most recipe ideas I have come across are similar, or involve shrimp, which I don’t eat!  Well let me tell you about a whole new world for Panko – DESSERT!!!  I found a recipe for “Triple Berry Panko Crumble”, which when served with ice cream, is amazing.  I have a new found appreciation for Panko. 😊 I’m also looking forward to seeing what other people make this week!


Panko Encrusted Pork Parmesan!


gigi at the Chinese Lantern Festival at Zoo Atlanta

So I actually made a pecan, panko crusted chicken. Which was vera delicious. So much so that I forgot to take a photo. But I have this pretty pic of a dragon from the Chinese Lantern Festival at Zoo Atlanta last night

Until next week,

Jen, Zane, Georgia, Nikita, Cammy and Mandy

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