Saturday Bites – Braised

This week Zane had us all braising


Zane in GA

Braised pork belly

Roughly a 6-7 hour process, but much shorter if using an instapot 😆 


gigi in GA

Braised Beef Short Ribs

Braised meat anytime! Well not really, because it’s a several hour, possibly all day long event. But oh so worth it. I mean. Just check out Chub checking out dinner. The funny is, he doesn’t normally do that. But one whiff of these braised beef short ribs and he jumped up into Randy’s lap

I made one slight modification to the recipe. I added small red potatoes to the dutch oven .

These were fall off the bone oh so good.


99 in AZ

Braised Chuck Roast with Mushroom Gravy

I love my Dutch Oven. I love it so much that I’ve decided not to destain the brown bottom of the pot, so I can remember all the delightfully delicious meals that have come from it. This week, pot roast was on the menu which is honestly my least favorite cut of beef. Of course, it happens to be among Matt’s favorite cuts. What can I say – opposites attract. I started with a good sear (listen for the sssssizzle in the video below) then topped it off with a mushrooms, onions, and a soupy mix that cooks down into a gravy. WARNING – this recipe took 5-6 hours. You should also put out snacks or you’ll eat your arm off after smelling this meal for hours. It truly makes for a memorable Sunday dinner. We paired the entree with some Dill Roasted Carrots and a glass of Angeline Pinot Noir. Can you believe that I’ve been drinking wine…….and liking it?!?!?! This dinner demands time around the table laughing, drinking, and eating which is exactly what we did. Between you and me, it’s annoying when I spend hours on a family dinner to have everyone eat it in 15 mins and go their separate ways. Table time has become a special moment in a normal day where everyone gets to be together. LOVE!

99 in AZ

Braise licious.

Until next week,

Zane, Georgia, Nikita, Cammy, Jen and Mandy

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