Saurday Bites – Vanilla Magic Custard Cake


99 in AZ

Vanilla Magic Custard Cake

Wow. This cake was not what I expected at all….in a good way. I love the chemistry behind baking, and this one rattled my brain. I fortunately had the partnership of our other Saturday Bites bakers this week because I challenged everyone to make the same recipe. What a fun way to connect through the experience of baking this magic cake! The ingredients are simple and you probably have everything in your pantry to try this today. This cake transforms from a thin lumpy batter (I was genuinely concerned) to three separate layers as seen in the picture above – Cake, custard, gelatin. There is no leavening agent (baking soda, baking powder, etc.) so it relies on the air bubbles whipped into the egg whites to provide lift in the “cake” layer. I’ve learned this kind of cake is called a Genoise Sponge. Ahem – thank you British Bake Off! The hubs loved the simplicity of this dessert and suggested we buy fresh berries to top it when we have our second piece. I’m game!


gigi in GA

When Nikita threw down this challenge I was all in. It’s a bake and magic. How could I not be.

Like Nikita, I was intrigued by the “magic” in this cake. And as the name states, magic was indeed involved.

What I liked about it. Taste wise. Not overly sweet and the surprise of the three layers. It didn’t take very long to put together either (But I think most bakes take about the same amount of time as a box recipe.

If you use the same recipe that Nikita has shared, check at the 40 minute mark. 45 the cake is golden brown and a little overdone.

Until next week, where I’ve challenged everyone to make Bulgogi (Fire Meat)

Nikita, Georgia, Cammy. Jen, Mandy and Zane

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