Saturday Bites – Autumn Drinks

This week Mandy challenged everyone to Autumn Drinks Mandy My family and I love sitting around our fire pit in our backyard.  When I saw this drink I knew we had to try it while sitting around our next fire.  It was delicious!  It can be made non-alcoholic using white chocolate and caramel syrups. StarbucksContinue reading “Saturday Bites – Autumn Drinks”

Saturday Bites – Apples

What better way to celebrate International Apple month than to have an apple food challenge Zane SURPRISE ATTACK!  Baked apples with brown sugar, nutmeg and butter served with your favorite ice cream. Made with local honey crisp apples Georgia Apple Chai Baked Oatmeal Apples and peanut butter are my go to snack. But where’s theContinue reading “Saturday Bites – Apples”

Saturday Bites – Recipe from Movie or TV

This week Zane challenged everyone to make a dish from a movie or television show Zane Pasta Alia Ollio from Chef, 😉  Also, surprise attack  Nikita Beef Ragout “Beef Ragout, Cheese Soufflé, Pie & Pudding en Flambe…..” Bonjour! Can you guess which movie this recipe is from? It happens to be amongst my favorite moviesContinue reading “Saturday Bites – Recipe from Movie or TV”

Saturday Bites – Favorite Chef

This week Mandy has challenged everyone to make a recipe from their favorite chef. Mandy Littleneck Clams with Green Garlic Butter and Leftover Wine Favorite Chef- My favorite chef is Alison Roman.  Most of her recipes are savory, with some heat and lots of herbs.  One thing that I learned from cooking through her booksContinue reading “Saturday Bites – Favorite Chef”

Saturday Bites – Yellow Squash

This week Cammy challenged everyone to make a dish using yellow squash Georgia There are so many different ways to prepare squash. But weekdays and nights are usually pretty busy for me and sheet pan cooking is a quick and easy (and don’t forget healthy and delicious) way to make a week night meal. OneContinue reading “Saturday Bites – Yellow Squash”