Saturday Bites – Braised

This week Zane had us all braising Zane Braised pork belly Roughly a 6-7 hour process, but much shorter if using an instapot 😆  Georgia Braised Beef Short Ribs Braised meat anytime! Well not really, because it’s a several hour, possibly all day long event. But oh so worth it. I mean. Just check outContinue reading “Saturday Bites – Braised”

Saturday Bites – Freezer Meals

This week Mandy challenged everyone to make a recipe that is either from the freezer or can be frozen for another meal. Mandy Happy New Year!  Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  I am excited to get back in the kitchen.  My goal for this year is “Cook it once, eat it twice.”  I forgotContinue reading “Saturday Bites – Freezer Meals”

Saturday Bites – The Flavors of Christmas

This week Nikita challenged everyone to make something using the flavors of Christmas. Nikita Homemade Eggnog Christmas Spice and everything nice! That’s what makes up 65% of my being. *Laughing out loud at myself* Eggnog is a tradition and a favorite in our house. I have to admit that this eggnog looked “browner” than IContinue reading “Saturday Bites – The Flavors of Christmas”

Saturday Bites – 4th Annual Chili Cook-Off

This week’s is our 4th Annual Chili Cook-off. Where we challenge everyone to bring on their best pot of chili. Georgia To celebrate our 4th annual chili cook-off, my work buddy and I made ourselves a nice pot of chili. Nothing fancy, just good ole fashioned chili with meat and beans. The way it wasContinue reading “Saturday Bites – 4th Annual Chili Cook-Off”

Saturday Bites – Autumn Drinks

This week Mandy challenged everyone to Autumn Drinks Mandy My family and I love sitting around our fire pit in our backyard.  When I saw this drink I knew we had to try it while sitting around our next fire.  It was delicious!  It can be made non-alcoholic using white chocolate and caramel syrups. StarbucksContinue reading “Saturday Bites – Autumn Drinks”