Saturday Bites

Saturday Bites

Saturday Bites is a communal food blog shared by anybody and everybody. Joining is FREE and FUN! Here’s how it works each week:

  • One person chooses a theme or secret ingredient.
  • Everybody creates a dish using that ingredient.
  • You share your food pictures and recipes with Saturday Bites.


If you’d like to join, send us your information under the “Join Us” tab above. This blog is purely fun and no commitment. Life gets CRAZY! If you cannot submit a food picture or recipe one week, we get it.

Now, are you up for The Challenge?

Current Challenge: Make a dish using Panko(Recipes & Photos due by Saturday Morning 1/15)

Jen reimagined panko!

If you are interested in participating email your recipes and photos to Saturday Bites at

Are you up for The Challenge?

Click the link below to see what everyone made!

  • Saurday Bites – Vanilla Magic Custard Cake
    Nikita Vanilla Magic Custard Cake Wow. This cake was not what I expected at all….in a good way. I love the chemistry behind baking, and this one rattled my brain. I fortunately had the partnership of our other Saturday Bites bakers this week because I challenged everyone to make the same recipe. What a funContinue reading “Saurday Bites – Vanilla Magic Custard Cake”
  • Sunday Bakery – Finger Lickin’ Good Cake
    Cammy Finger Lickin’ Good Cake (Barbara Mandrell’s “Pig-Lickin’ Cake” When the real feel temps are ranging between 0 and negative 25 and you have around 18 inches of snow dumped on you, you really start craving just a taste of the tropics.  This cake was just the ticket… Cammy
  • Saturday Bites – Braised
    This week Zane had us all braising Zane Braised pork belly Roughly a 6-7 hour process, but much shorter if using an instapot 😆  Georgia Braised Beef Short Ribs Braised meat anytime! Well not really, because it’s a several hour, possibly all day long event. But oh so worth it. I mean. Just check outContinue reading “Saturday Bites – Braised”
  • My Photographic Year in Review
    January What fun did you have this year? Our year was filled with fun, love, family, friends, new adventures, beautiful sights and LOTS of good times We started the year hiking to Minnehaha Falls February Even while it was still cold in February we hiked around Lake Zwerner in Dahlonega, GA Pat and I headedContinue reading “My Photographic Year in Review”

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