My Photographic Year in Review


Minnehaha Falls

What fun did you have this year? Our year was filled with fun, love, family, friends, new adventures, beautiful sights and LOTS of good times

We started the year hiking to Minnehaha Falls


Lake Zwerner, Dahlonega, GA

Even while it was still cold in February we hiked around Lake Zwerner in Dahlonega, GA

Pat and I headed to the coast in February for a quick, cold tour of Tybee Island and Savannah


Male Cardinal in my front yard

March was pretty chill, but it didn’t stop me from pulling out the tripod to get some photos of the birds that visit our yard


Scenes from my backyard

We had so much water in the cove in April, so much so that on any given day (and night) we would see or hear folks out there kayaking, boating or fishing. or all of the above.

Anna and I met Pat at Callaway Gardens for a lovely drive through the gardens and then some lunch


Gibbs Gardens, Ballground, GA

Randy and I decided a membership to Gibbs Gardens was a must. We were very fortunate to visit several times during the year

In April we got our own kayaks and decided to join in the fun and make the most out of having a little cove right in our very own backyard. Randy, Anna and I jumped in as often as we could. This is what our lunch break looked like on quite a few days

Babcock State Park, WV

In June Pat and I met up with Cammy in West VA. It happened to be the point in the middle between us.


Family is the best

July was filled with all kinds of goodness. New Orleans for the hubs, Anna and myself. Finishing it up with a family reunion at Vogel State Park where I got to spend time with some of my absolute favorite people.

Lets not forget the hummers visiting the feeders hanging from our front porch


Rock Cougar from our front yard

August was the hubs birthday. We were pretty chill other than me, my camera and tripod taking pics of all the visitors to our front yard


Desoto Falls

Another hike that ended at the foot of a waterfall.

Gibbs Gardens and crows.


Deep Creek, Cherokee, NC

With October came fall. The most beautiful season of all

A trip to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens where so much was still green to a quick trip to NC for a hike to Deep Creek in Cherokee to an early morning drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway


I did not take this photo. Me in Waterford, CT

In November Ran and I headed to CT for Thanksgiving with friends. it was our first time in the state.

Birds, beach, cold, historic places, friends, food, the best chai. Oh and an extra visit with an old friend who happened to be in CT for work.


The cuteness from my front porch

When I can get to December and claim “it has been a good good year!”

We finished up our year celebrating with the our favorite people

No year, no month, not even a day is ever perfect. But..

Praise God for all his many blessings

A couple of great lessons this year

The difference between happiness and Joy.

Happiness is wrapped up in circumstances. It’s always fleeting because circumstances are only for a moment. You’ll always want more.

But Joy. Joy comes from the faithfulness of the Lord. Even in chaos. We will always have the joy of the Lord with us.

The second lesson was

Take the compliment

If someone takes the time to give you a compliment. Take it. Don’t come up with reasons to justify it. Just take it.

Women, we are the worst at taking compliments. It’s okay. You’re worth it.

This years lessons.


For others and for yourself

Oftentimes we carry around the burden of others poor behavior. Forgive and let that go. Other times we beat ourselves up for not being the perfect person we “think” we are. Let that stuff go. If God can wipe our slate clean then why can’t we? Today’s a good day to show others and ourselves Grace.

The last thing I’m focusing on this year


Taking the time to be more intentional.

With my relationships, with myself, even with something as simple as washing the dishes.

Before you answer. Pause.

This was my 2021. Randy and I made the most of it.

2022 is going to be our best year ever.


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