Fun Girls Weekend in WV

One of the best perks of being back on the east coast is being much closer to some of my absolute favorite people. When I moved back I made a promise to myself to see them as often as I could.

Other than talking to Pat every day (but Sunday) we try to see each other at least once a quarter. February we spent a cold weekend on Tybee Island. June had us jumping into the Jeep and driving to West Virginia. WV is the middle ground for us and the lovely Cammy.

Below are photos from our time together

Rainelle, WV

Cammy found a lovely farm home (airbnb) in Rainelle, WV. As you can see our neighbors for the weekend were pretty quiet.

Babcock State Park

If I had a favorite. Other than spending time with 2 of my favorite people? It would have to be Babcock State Park.

History. Water. Grist Mill? I mean.. What’s not to love?

Summersville Lake

New River Gorge

Water, mountains, trees, all kinds of wildlife. What’s not to love?

The biggest surprise for all of us was that WV is absolutely beautiful.

Our little outings were a highlight of our time together. But the real gift was the moments we spent together. Chatting, catching up, sharing life.

God is so good

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